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I know people are hesitant to hire a magician. They don't know what questions to ask or what answers to expect. This is my solution. Hear real comments from those who have booked my magic shows before.


I loved the magic show! You have to be pretty good to keep 178 4-11 year olds entertained. Marty makes magic fun!!

Darbie LaFontain, Duncan (OK) Public Library

GREAT performers!

Liz Turner, Oswego (KS) Public Library

We thoroughly enjoyed the magic show.

Teresa Speir, Grandfield (OK) Public Library

The show was interesting and entertaining.

Spring Bowman, Sayre (OK) Public Library

I thought the program was very entertaining for both kids and adults. It's always good to involve the kids as much as possible. I really liked the pencil/wand idea and they did too.

Dena Northcutt, Frederick (OK) Public Library

I really enjoyed your show at the Relay for Life, quite entertaining!

Krista Reyes, Community Action Development Corporation

. . . interesting

Michelle Miller, Cleveland (OK) Public Library

No one moved! Their eyes never left the stage.

Darbie LaFontain, Duncan (OK) Public Library

Many parents commented about the great magic show.

Robin Mooney, Tahlequah (OK) Public Library

The show had lots of audience participation which kept the attention of the other children.

Spring Bowman, Sayre (OK) Public Library

I thought it was great.

Susan Stringer , Tecumseh (OK) Public Library

That was real magic!

Riley, age 5


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