How can we get The Magic Dad to perform for us?

Easter Show 2003, First United Methodist Church, Frederick OK


Contact me. Since I usually do not sit by the telephone, the easiest way is email. Click here to email me.

I pride myself on being prompt, age appropriate, wholesome, family magic with plenty of comedy.

To arrange for The Magic Dad to perform, I need to know the following:

1. When will the event be? (Both date and time)

2. Where will it be?

3. How large will the audience be?

4. What is the age group of the audience?

5. What is the special event?

6. Who is the "person of honor"?

With this information, I can design a show for you.

I choose different magical effects for different ages.

I also adjust my show depending on the number of children in the audience.

I have affordable prices, and can travel to your party!

Contact me, and we can arrange some magic for your special event!

Click Here to Email The Magic Dad

The Magic Dad

Marty Ludlum


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