Magic from Around the Globe

The Magic Dad poses with the funniest man in magic, Bill Malone, at the Cavalcade of Magic, 2004

When I joined magic, I was amazed. As a group, magicians are a most welcoming collection of people. From the moment you join a magic group, you feel like you are long lost friends. These are pages of honor where I mention those in Magic who have influenced me the most. There is no order, just the order in which I add the pages to my web site. They are all charming individuals and fantastic performers, each and every one!

See Siegfried Fishbacher (Siegfried & Roy)!

See Harry Anderson (Wise Guy and Night Court fame)!

See David Copperfield of worldwide fame!

See Lance Burton of Las Vegas - Monte Carlo

See Kevin James (World's Greatest Magic Show)

See Rick Thomas (Orleans Casino of Las Vegas)

See Eugene Burger (Chicago and Las Vegas)

See Kalin and Jinger of The Magic Underground

See Klamm of Klamm Magic (Independence MO)

See Mac King of Las Vegas, Nevada

See Mark Wilson of early television fame!

See Cousin Itt from the Addams Family!

See a Magician from Tianjin, China

See a fantastic street performer from England

See Davenport's Magic Shop of London

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