Scary Magic?

Not for The Magic Dad!

There are a number of prominent magicians who go to great lengths to shock and offend. If that is your type of entertainment, I can recommend several.

I prefer entertainment for the whole family. No offensive humor. No loud noises. No pretend injuries or fake blood. I wouldn't do anything in a show that I wouldn't do for my children's Sunday school class or their class at school.

I like to use volunteers from the audience, as many as practical in the situation. I do not try to embarrass or humiliate the volunteers. Instead, I use volunteers to get the kids involved and to demonstrate that the props I use are real.

For the birthday shows, I like to have a few effects where the guest of honor is my special assistant. The party is about them, not me. I try to make them the center of attention.

For school shows, I like to have the teachers volunteer students whom I should select. The teachers know which students are slow to volunteer but would feel the most pride from being chosen. Those are the students who benefit most from the additional attention.

I am not trying to insult those who do scary or offensive magic, but it is just not my style of performing.

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Last updated on the 1st day of February, 2016