Bailey, The Magic Daughter

My kids got me interested in magic, and have joined me in performing now.

And the best part, kids love to see other kids performing. While I get a good reaction, the kids cheer wildly for Bailey and Justin. This not only conveys the importance of the message, Reading is Magic, but also says that kids can do anything!

Bailey is embarrassed to show these photos (now married and a college graduate) but she'll always be my little girl!


Bailey, the Magic Daughter and The Amazing Justin in 2005.

Bailey loves magic, and now loves to perform magic for her friends. She wowed the audience at the elementary school talent show in May and has performed at thirty shows this summer. Bailey Ludlum is going into the sixth grade for fall, 2005.

Worried about adding kids to the Performer's list? Don't be. Here's what others have said about "The Magic Kids."


Your kids were great - it's neat when kids do kids programs!!

Julie Clements , Erie (KS) Public Library

They were great! A very good way to encourage other children to use magic!

Spring Bowman, Sayre (OK) Public Library

(Bailey) almost stole the show . . . .

Janice Davis, Quanah (TX) Public Library

I thought the Magic Kids were a fantastic idea! Kids relate easily to other kids.

Darbie LaFontain, Duncan (OK) Public Library

I thought it's a great idea. A family that works together stays together . . . let other kids know that they could do it, too.

Mary Sands , Idabel (OK) Public Library

Having your children, Justin and Bailey is a nice touch for your program. The program was interesting and entertaining.

Martha Young , Mangum (OK) Public Library

I love the idea of having your kids involved. It makes it more appealing for family groups.

Susan Stringer , Tecumseh (OK) Public Library

Children always like to watch other kids do something in their shows.

Carol Conkin , Thomas (OK) Public Library

The younger children really enjoyed the kids.

Beverly Autry , Seiling (OK) Public Library

you and your son did a good job entertaining the kids

Luise Maupin , Fairview (OK) Public Library


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