Where do you usually perform?

The Magic Dad setting up at the Hobart Library in 2004, Hobart OK

Since I primarily perform for children, I have to be ready to adapt at a moment's notice. I do not need a stage, microphone, lighting, or other props. Since most of the shows are in private homes for birthday parties and school classrooms, I need very little. All I need is a place to stand and about two minutes to set my props.

The Magic Dad performing for the Relay for Life Fundraiser, June, 2004

Through sheer repetition and practice, I can be ready about 15 minutes after I arrive. I usually prefer to meet the people in charge, confer on schedules, etc., before I start. I can also be packed up and ready to move within 15 minutes of my show being completed.

The Magic Dad

Marty Ludlum


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